Every six months I host a Dominion tournament with physical cards, most of them in Mason, OH near Cincinnati at Maverick’s. I’ve hosted thirteen tournaments so far and the turnout has been increasing recently (weather permitting). There is a $5 entry, and $4 of that goes into the prize pool which is split among the top three or four players in the tournament (depending on turnout).

I made a Facebook group to help get the word out on Dominion tournaments in the midwest region of the USA — it includes my tournaments in Cincinnati, but also other tournaments in the area. If you’re interested in keeping up on Dominion events, feel free to join and invite your friends!

I have been asked many times about how to run Dominion tournaments. I’ve put my thoughts into this blog post, but you can also send me questions at and I’m happy to help in any way I can. This isn’t limited to telling you about my experience — I’ve helped run and promote other tournaments in the past as well.

RSVP is not required, you can just show up and play in my tournaments; but if I know you’re coming it helps me prepare. Also, if you’re travelling in for the tournament as many people do, it’s been useful for me to know when you’ll arrive so I don’t start the first game right on time if you’re running a bit late. When I get flexibility on which date tournaments can be held, I will ask travellers about their availability as well.

My tournaments these days consist of 2-player games, and happen on a “spring/fall cycle,” meaning I aim for something close to March and September.

If you’d like to make sure you’re in the loop for future tournaments, or if you have any questions for me, feel free to check out the Facebook group or send me E-mail at

Below I’ll list all of the information I have for the tournaments I’ve run in the past. This includes links to Facebook events and Google spreadsheets where I’ve organized everything. These spreadsheets include all of the kingdoms used in the tournaments and many backup kingdoms that were never used.

1. June 20, 2015. Winner: Josh Casey (9 players, 3P games)
Facebook Event     Google Sheet

2. October 10, 2015. Winner: Jake Schwartz (~15? players, 2P games)
Facebook Event     Google Sheet

3. January 30, 2016. Winner: Jonathan Halper (20 players, 3P games)
Facebook Event     Google Sheet

4. April 16, 2016. Winner: Ben King (~15? players, 2P games)
Facebook Event     Google Sheet

5. July 9, 2016. Winner: Kevin Thompson (9 players, 3P games)
Facebook Event     Google Sheet

6. February 11, 2017. Winner: Nathan Wallace (18 players, 2P games)
Facebook Event     Google Sheet

7. July 29, 2017. Winner: Jim Mounce (17 players, 3P games)
Facebook Event     Google Sheet

8. January 27, 2018. Winner: Kevin Thompson (23 players, 2P games)
Facebook Event     Google Sheet

9. July 21, 2018. Winner: Nathan Wallace (31 players, 3P games)
Facebook Event     Google Sheet

10. January 12, 2019. Winner: Ryan Echternacht (13 players, 2P games)
Facebook Event     Google Sheet

11. September 21, 2019. Winner: Ari Silverton (18 players, 2P games)
Facebook Event    Google Sheet

12. April 9, 2022. Winner: Dale Montgomery (17 players, 2P games)
Facebook event    Google Sheet

13. August 4-6, 2022, at Gen Con. Winner: Eugene Lee (48 players, 2P games)
Blog post    Google Sheet

14. Spring 2023, Cincinnati, OH; 2P games

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