Bite-Sized: Frigate

The Bite-Sized series of articles is meant to take the most powerful cards in Dominion and give a short explanation of what makes them powerful.

Frigate’s attack is absolutely devastating to almost any deck you can build in Dominion, but it hits the most powerful decks the hardest: the ones that draw a lot of cards. Drawing your deck is usually not going to be possible when Frigate’s attack is being played on you consistently, so unless you have some amazing defense, you’re probably going to be playing a Money Density deck. Fortunately, money density doesn’t mind throwing in three or four of these to shut down any decks with more ambitions.

Frigate is the only attack in Dominion that completely shapes the game in this way; it gives you an attack that money density barely cares about, which completely shuts down decks that try to draw cards.

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