New FLog is up!

As you may have noticed, the FLog has been going through a lot of changes this week. I’ve changed blog services and it’s now on the domain name. This service has a lot more capabilities and is easier for me to use, so I hope I’ll stick with it for a while.

I’ve imported everything from the old fish log, and updated all of the old posts so that the pictures and videos aren’t just links anymore (which took quite a while). I also added a bunch of new functionality, such as the ability to register (link on the right) and automatically get E-mail updates. You can do a bunch of other stuff too if you register, but E-mail subscription is the main thing. Also, I’ve added two pages to the FLog: tank stats and roll call. The links to those are in the upper right, and the pages explain what they’re all about.

An actual fishy-content update will happen once something update-worthy comes up, but until then, enjoy the new FLog format!

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