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When not to trash

While we all know that thinning is whinning, there may be times when it's not ideal.
I think trashing was covered quite a lot in podcast 2 with forager.
The main one I can think of, and that was my initial idea is that trashing too much can cause you problems if your opponent is using trashing attacks.
If your deck is down to 3 silvers, a gold, and a chapel, you run the risk of losing payload if you get a 6th card and your opponent has gone for pirate ship.
This can be worse in a multiplayer game.

An other time is if there's good sifting or Big Money enablers and the trashing isn't fast enough.

This is a great idea for a podcast episode, thanks for your suggestion! I'll put it on the list and it's likely we'll get to this pretty soon 😀