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I'd love to have an episode focused on the Travellers. They seem to be regarded by strong players as pretty much must-buy a lot of the time they're in the kingdom, but they are scary and complicated for newcomers and if like me you don't know how to play them then you can crash and burn horribly. I think I've lost every single game I've played with a Traveller in the kingdom, including one particularly crushing defeat at the hands of RTT. He opened 2/5 and went Page / Summon-Smithy. Then he kept Summoning Smithy and upgrading his Traveller, got his Champion on Turn 6 (making his pile of Smithies non-terminal), and just totally crushed me. Admittedly he was lucky with his draws but I went away with the impression that I needed to do some serious homework on Travellers to avoid continuing to lose every single game I play with them! Then I had a look around and couldn't find a good summary of how to play with them, so a podcast episode would be very welcome.

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Adam Horton

There have been a few requests for the Travellers. It's on our list of topics. It's one of those topics that right now I would need to do additional research in order to talk about authoritatively (mostly Page). I guess I should look into doing that research soon huh...

Thanks for your suggestion 🙂