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Q&A episode

You asked for questions for a possible Q&A episode, so here are a few of mine, mostly related to the online client and what it does (good or bad) for the meta. I don’t expect you to answer them all, but they’re just ideas of things that I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on:

• Would you change the way kingdoms are rolled? Would it be better to choose a few expansions at random for each game and then choose the kingdom just from those expansions so that you would get more of the intra-expansion interactions? Would it be better if the horizontal things didn’t come up as much, or came up more often, or you always had two?

• Do you think the online client could (or should) be made less intimidating to new players? If you register for the free version with just the base set and join a ranked game, you might still end up matched with a very strong player and with a kingdom of utterly unfamiliar cards and mechanics, split piles and so on. Although the community is generally friendly, might this not put off some less experienced players?

• What do you think of the commercial model for it? One time my subscription ran out and I played a few dozen ranked games without a subscription, and I was amazed how many games I found myself playing with just the base set, meaning my opponents obviously weren’t paying anything. Other online games seem to have ways of encouraging people to pay more for the privilege by having mechanics that allow them to level up, access new features and so on. Do you think Dominion is better or worse for not being like that?

• If Hearthstone can be an eSport with 100 million players and half a billion in annual revenues for its publisher, why not Dominion? Why are strong players not making millions streaming themselves playing the game? Is RGG missing a trick, or does the game just not have that level of appeal?

• Why do you think there’s never (to my knowledge) been a remotely serious attempt to create a decent Dominion AI?

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I can't think of anything better for your 55th post here 😀

MOAR questions are always welcome, we're pretty close to having a full Q&A episode worth coming up. Feel free to post more here (this goes for anyone)

  • Can you explain the role of learning from others vs planning your own strategies?
  • What is a blind spot you see a lot of other players having?
  • How do you sketch out your gameplan when looking at the board?
  • How far ahead do you plan at any given time in the game?
  • Who is the most handsome and good-looking of the podcast hosts, and why is it WanderingWinder?
  • If you could be any colour, what colour would you be and why?

If you could be any podcast host, why would it be WanderingWinder?