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Making Luck Episode 94: Harvest, Merchant Ship, and Mandarin

In this episode, Wandering Winder discusses Harvest from Cornucopia, Merchant Ship from Seaside, and Mandarin from Hinterlands.

Kingdom at the end: Candlestick Maker, Haven, Ratcatcher, Ghost Town, Exorcist, Miser, Worker's Village, Den of Sin, Embassy, Venture, Crop Rotation, Training

Just played this kingdom IRL so I had a basis for commenting on it.  I opened Exorcist/Silver and then pursued a "double Miser" strategy with a Worker's Village and Candlestick Maker for +Buy support.  Crop Rotation the first time I hit 6, Training on Miser the second time.  As an aside, one fun thing I noticed was with $5 and an Exorcist in hand, you can essentially buy a Ghost via Den of Sin.

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