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Making Luck: A Dominion Podcast

Making Luck is a Dominion podcast, you can listen/watch using a couple of different of methods:

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Six episodes of Making Luck were recorded by Wandering Winder and Adam Horton, ending in April 2016, when Wandering Winder sadly left the podcast.

In January, the podcast was revived with Adam and a new co-host, Jake. A few months worth of weekly episodes have been published so far and we're looking forward to a lot more. The goal is to continue weekly episodes, we'll see if we can keep that up!

Post for Episode 59 Groundskeeper?

Adam Horton has reacted to this post.
Adam Horton

Wow, that got clobbered too. There were multiple issues with publishing this week's podcast related to some behind-the-scenes stuff with that was unfortunately timed. The RSS update didn't go through either and I didn't notice that until Thursday 🙁

Sorry about that, and thanks for noticing this.

I thought I'd posted my summary of the Temple / Raider about a week ago but it seems it's not there. Did I dream the whole thing or has it fallen victim to the technical problems mentioned above?

Technical problems are always possible with this forum. Sometimes it eats posts altogether and sometimes it will send people who subscribed to the thread an E-mail before eating the post.

I didn't get an E-mail this time though.