These forums are a place where Dominion content can be created, revised, and eventually published on the Wake up, Meeples blog. They also serve as a place for discussion and feedback for Making Luck: A Dominion Podcast.

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How to write a good outline

I believe strongly in a writing process for generating good Dominion content: when I started doing this, I noticed that my articles got better. I'm still not the best writer in the world (I prefer videos to articles, personally) but I also want to choose the best medium for each piece of content I want to create. One of the things I want to get out of this forum is to hold myself accountable for all steps in my pre-writing process, and I want that to be the standard for all Dominion content published on this blog.

With that said, here is the process for getting articles published:

  1. Write an outline
  2. Get feedback on the outline and revise the outline, if necessary
  3. Use the outline to write a draft article
  4. Get feedback on the draft article and revise it, if necessary
  5. Publish the article

This sub-forum is all about that first step! An outline for an article can be any form of pre-writing, but it should do three important things:

  1. State the audience and intended length of the article
  2. State the goal of the article
  3. Address the main topics the article will cover

From my perspective, outlines that don't do these things aren't going to become articles that reach their full potential, so I'm much less interested in publishing them. Feel free to contribute to making content as long as it's a part of this process -- I don't think it's asking too much -- you are welcome to jump in at any step of the process you feel comfortable doing!