These forums are a place where Dominion content can be created, revised, and eventually published on the Wake up, Meeples blog. They also serve as a place for discussion and feedback for Making Luck: A Dominion Podcast.

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How to get articles published

My goal for this forum and this blog is just to generate as much good Dominion content as possible. There are many avenues for publishing Dominion content that exist and I understand that my blog is not necessarily the most glamorous. Glamour is not the point, the point is just to make good content. If the content is good, I'll publish or link it on the blog as I always have. What I want is to have a resource to point to for people of all skill levels that just focuses on good content.

So how do we make good content? I'd like to use these forums as a place for collaboration by whoever is willing to help. If you want to make good Dominion content but you aren't sure how, or what to write, or if you have the time or ability to help; this is the place!

I have a few guidelines for how I want to organize content creation:

  1. I'd really like to try and keep future articles on the shorter side: I want to shoot for about 500 words in each article. Obviously this is not easy and I'm not all that great at it myself, but that's the goal. A couple of tactics to help with this goal:
    • If you want to write something that is longer, I'd strongly suggest trying to split it into multiple short articles if you can't focus it down to roughly 500 words.
    • If you want to have part of your article be an appendix or a reference section, that's OK; the main body of your article can aim for the 500-word goal and then there can be a card list/discussion that is clearly a separate section of the article at the bottom.
  2. I'd like for the pre-writing process to offer more chances for interaction and feedback, so if someone wants to write an article, an outline should be posted and feedback should be given on that outline before a draft is written.
    • "Stream of consciousness" articles are not the goal here, a stream of consciousness can be refined into an outline as part of the outline-writing process, but this is kind of inefficient for the writer so it's not the best thing.
    • My recommendation is that the first thing you write (and the first thing you post) is in the form of an outline.
  3. Once an outline has been written and revised, a draft can be written and feedback can begin on the draft. The goal here, of course, is to get the draft into something that is worthy of being published; the focus of a lot of the feedback I want to aim for is to streamline and shorten the draft article. My philosophy is that exhaustive references and discussion of edge cases is not a productive use of the reader's time and energy, so I want to minimize it. We can use dedicated list/reference articles or clearly-marked appendices for this purpose, with the goal of having the main body of the article being short, streamlined, cohesive, and quick and easy to read.
  4. The temptation may be there to post an article that you think is complete and ready for publication: these forums are not the place for that. The whole point of these forums' existence is about the writing process; if you want to just type out some words and expect them to be published, there are plenty of other places on the internet that are more about that kind of thing. Rest assured, if any article is good, regardless of where it's posted, I'll link to it from the blog as I've always done.

With that said, feel free to contribute in whatever way you would like within this structure! What are the best ways you can contribute?

  1. Suggest a topic that you'd like to learn more about
  2. Make an outline for an article that you'd like to see
  3. Give feedback on outlines that have been posted
  4. Turn a refined outline into a draft article
  5. Give feedback on a draft article

Particularly for steps 2-5, if you see something that needs done, don't hesitate to jump right in and do it! If someone else has started the process, I don't want you to think you can't take it over. I'm sharing this so that people can start contributing with very low cost or spin-up time, and I have a lot of partially-done things that I'd like help with completing, so don't be afraid.