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Episode summaries

A few weeks ago I decided to go back and start listening to all the episodes of the podcast again from the beginning. This was partly because I needed something to fill the gaps in my life between Tuesday evenings when new episodes are released, but mostly because I realised that I've forgotten a lot of stuff I learned from earlier episodes. I've now got as far as Episode 19 and have started thinking maybe I should write myself some bullet points of the main takeaways of each episode so that next time I need a refresher on (say) Procession I can just look up my notes from the podcast rather than having to go and listen to the whole of Episode 19 for a third time. And then I thought if I'm writing up a summary for a particular episode anyway then perhaps I could post it in the discussion page for that episode here in case it's useful to anyone else.

Does that sound like something that would be worthwhile? I mean I'm going to start making these notes for myself anyway, starting with Market Square from the latest episode, so it's just a question of whether to post them here or not.

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Adam Horton

This is pretty similar to a project Jake has had on his mind for a while -- it makes sense for you to at least talk about collaborating because I'm not sure what if anything has been done so far.

There's an E-mail associated with your account here (I think only I can see it) -- do you mind if I give that to Jake, or is there a better way for you to talk about it? This thread will work just fine but I imagine a real-time chat kind of thing might be better at some point.

But yes I think this is a great idea 😀

Sure, very happy for you or Jake to contact me by e-mail. If he is planning to write up the summaries anyway then maybe there's no need for my involvement, but you guys put so much work into the podcast already and I was thinking I'd be happy to take on this little project as a way to give a tiny bit back.

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Adam Horton

I sent your E-mail along to Jake.

Regardless of how much overlap your vision and his vision have, I imagine it will still be very valuable to get your perspective as a listener on what points are coming through the strongest. We outline things and have points we want to hit that we think are important but I don't write down every little detail of what I plan to say and knowing what resonates with listeners is something we can't get without help, no matter how hard we try.

So yes any contributions you have or are willing to make are definitely welcome. My main idea was just to make sure that work doesn't get duplicated. My guess is that you're aiming at sort of two separate things but there may be some overlap so someone could get some time saved out of all of this 😛

And yeah thanks for speaking up and for anything else the comes from this too!