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Draft: Bite-Sized: Witch

Witch: +2 cards; each other player get one curse for 5$.

The mother of all curser. And she throws the curses without conditon unlike her younger sister. So just defender blue reaticon cards like moat can stop her.

So why are curses so bad in Dominion. One curse in your deck will render one starting hand of each following shuffle to an effectiv 4 card hand normaly ;Or ‚negate‘ on +1 card and you just think ‚mmrrrggg‘ if you see this purple card.

The ‚only‘ solution to remove the curse is collide a action card that say ‚trash one/X card/s‘(for example forager) with the curse.

In the best case forager will stop trashing cooper and estates as you first might planned. So forager helps you that your deck doesn‘t get worser.

In the worst case you keep the curse and get an second curse somewhere in the opponents next shuffle.

So you have the risk that you loose control of how many cards are in your deck that doesn‘t help you during the game (To the begining of the game you have 3 cards of this unhelpful cards). And that a reason why you could loose games and have less fun.

But there is another countermeasure: be the one who give out curses. Your opponents will struggle, too. So hopefully they play their witch less frequently. But at least their are one curse less that you can get in your deck.

So now to the value of witch in your deck: +2 cards. In the beginning of the game you get up to 1 copper more in your hand in comparison to not having the witch. But at least you shuffle one card faster. Later you hopefully draw better cards then copper.

But most of the time you want to get the witch in your first 5 turns, because of the cursing. So something that gives you +2$ increase your chances to get one witch early.

But if the kingdom has cards in it which says trash 2 or even more cards you should think if trashing down your deck to a reliable deck is strong here. If you think yes, then an getting an early witch besides another card without action with can trash. can make you problems.

First collision of these two cards makes you an tough decision.

And second you have an chance to draw the thrashing action with the witch without an action in the turns 5-7.

So you increase the needed shuffle-luck to get your deck under control.