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Dominion Video Tutorial: end-2017 update

Dominion: Video Tutorial update

I've made changes to videos 2-7 of this series, taking out things that I think aren't that helpful and adding in things that are. The main point is that I've talked to a lot of people who have trouble imagining higher payload decks, and the term "engine" is intimidating and unhelpful for getting them to commit to higher-payload decks, so I've adjusted the way I define and describe things to be shaped around payload and deck control, rather than using "engine" to describe it.

Feedback on any of the tutorial series is welcome here. I've updated it many times in the past and I'll probably continue to do so.

Hi Adam. I've recently discovered both the tutorial series and Making Luck and have been enjoying listening to them. You said you welcome feedback on the tutorials and I have a comment on the most recent one but I'm not sure the best place to post it. Would that be here? Thanks again!

Here is a  fine place for feedback. Glad you're liking the content!

My thoughts were on the part in the last video where you talked about a situation where both you and your opponent can double-Province. You pointed out that if you buy two, he buys two and then you buy two again, you've given up a tempo and perhaps allowed him to tie or win if he can (say) pick up an extra Estate or already has a slight lead. You suggested buying just a single Province instead, and perhaps another debt control card.

This makes total sense, but I also wondered whether it might be better to buy two Provinces now and then just one on your next turn. The key is that you want to be the person buying the fifth Province for a 3-2 lead. I guess it probably doesn't much matter whether you go two and then one or one and then two, but if there's a chance that on an unlucky next turn you might miss $16 and two buys then you could be glad you grabbed two Provinces while you had the chance. Of course buying two Provinces now rather than Province plus a deck control card does probably mean you're more likely to miss, so it's a close call. If the biggest danger next turn is that you fail to kick off (and not be able to afford even one Province) then it's probably better to go single Province now and get a Village or something to maximise your chances of kicking off and getting two Provinces next time. If, on the other hand, you have a deck that reliably kicks off but might stall later, then it might be better to take the two Provinces now when you have the $16 and two buys and then plan on getting Province plus something else next time. Examples of the latter kind of deck might be ones with Schemes to help kick off, or those which aren't over-drawing and might miss if a couple of critical cards (or perhaps your only +Buy card) are stuck at the bottom. Another case would be where you have cards that give you a choice of how to play them, where you might end up having to play them in a different way from what you'd hoped. Perhaps in order to get double-Province you need to play Pawn for +Buy or Nobles for +3 Cards or Steward for +$2, but you end up having to play them some other way to keep your turn going and hence miss a bit of your payload.

Anyway, thanks again for all the great content. I've learned a lot!

Yeah the key point is that you want to leave 3 Provinces in the supply if your opponent can get 2 of them. Some decks could benefit from adding a Province and more deck control cards, but other decks might suffer from it, so in those cases it can often be better to get the two Provinces up front.

Granted, if that's the way the decks are, then the threat of two back-to-back Province turns from your opponent is probably less, assuming your opponent has a similar deck. It's possible that it isn't worth playing around that, but I think that's just another reason you'd prefer to double Province up front Endgame play is tough to talk about without an example in front of you because so much of it is context-dependent.

Thanks for your feedback. I imagine this part will probably get remade or tweaked at some point when I suddenly decide I have a better idea of what I'm talking about.