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Coffers: spend or save

The argument for spending coin tokens sooner rather than later is that good cards give more benefit the more times you can play them.
On the other hand, coin tokens give end-game control and if you spend them immediately, they could have just been regular money.

Are considerations like "If I spend 5 coin tokens on this baker, will I get to play it 5 times by the end of the game?" good?

Is candlestick maker better or worse than silver if the only price points you care about in the early game are 2, 5, and 6 ?

How good is the deck that builds a bit longer, but has coin tokens saved to always be able to buy province? I'm thinking of boards where there is an engine but it is vulnerable to greening. e.g. candlestick maker + minion or plaza+apothecary or merchant guild+ cursed village.

Also important is whether the new wording is any good, or do we miss our coin tokens.

Sorry for the late/short reply.

This is a good idea for a topic, I'll add it to the list, thanks for your suggestion! 🙂