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Bite-Sized: Tournament

Tournament (This outline/draft was written by Dan)

First, note that the card is very strong. Although getting the good prizes doesn't always mean winning the game, you almost always want to try to contest the better prizes.

Stage 0: Pick up thinning/filtering. To the extent possible, try to draw everything

Stage 1: Build up to $8 - tournament often helps with this (Turn 7 is a typical timing)

Stage 2: Connect tournament with Province (and block with Province) - (this is why stage 0 is important)

Stage 3: The prize stage

The three "power" prizes are Trusty Steed, Followers and Princess. The board will determine which ones are better

While prizes remain, building draw to connect Tournament/Province is often good. Sometimes correct to delay additional Provinces

Stage 4: Later greening

The important prizes have already been taken. Usually in one of two categories

  1. The single province engine. Players have taken 1 province, claimed prizes, and built big engines, as usual. In these games, build a ton of draw and try to draw everything, especially when Prizes remain.
  2. The duchy slog. Followers has junked all the decks and slowed the game down, along with early greening and Province. In these games, building coins is necessary for sustained greening. Often happens with trashless Followers.