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Bite-Sized: Peasant


  • Teacher is slower than Champion and most of the time, a less powerful effect, but still very good.
    • If you want Peasant, you usually want a lot of them
      • Disciple is a very good card, especially in a deck with Teacher. You probably want to keep 1 or 2
        • Soldier's attack is very effective against many opponents, even if you aren't getting a bunch of money from it. You probably want 2 if uncontested
      • It's rare that you want two Teachers
    • Teacher is at its best when you have at least two spammable cards
    • Action cards tend to be better than normal with Peasant around because of tokens/Disciple
    • You usually put down your Card token first, but not always
      • Stop and think which token helps the next two turns the most