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Bite-Sized: Governor


  • Extremely efficient payload to most decks
    • Non-terminal gain a cold plus remodel is most powerful part of the card
    • Draw can enable this if nothing else will
  • Drawing cards is weakest ability
    • This is because it helps your opponent so much
    • Try to only use if you plan to end the game
      • This is hard because it means less Governors to use for Remodeling
  • Gaining Golds is great early-to-midgame
    • This is because you have time to spend the Golds before remodeling
    • Best after Governors are gone because opponent can't remodel Silvers into more Governors
  • Remodeling is best in the endgame
    • Is usually better for your opponent than for you if done too early (they can thin Coppers)
    • Watch out for opponent's ability to gain points from this