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Bite-Sized Dominion

Bite-Sized Dominion is the name of my effort to have short articles on all of the Dominion cards that deserve them. A card deserves an article if it is very powerful, very un-powerful, or has some kind of unique effect. The goal for each article is to be 300 words in length, with a hard cap of 500 words.

Bite-Sized articles should provide some insight into the unique parts of the card that affect your strategic decisions when the card is present. While more detailed articles can potentially be written to get into the subtleties of the card, the goal of the bite-sized article is to capture all of the important details of the card and not necessarily be exhaustive. Advice given in bite-sized articles should not be something that is really disagreed on by top players.

I envision that completed bite-sized articles would be appropriate to link to from the specific DS Wiki page on each card. A more ambitious goal would be for every Dominion card to have either a bite-sized article, or a similar article for a group of cards that it belongs to (e.g. cantrip villages, discard attacks...)

The first wave of bite-sized articles are about the most powerful cards according to my card power levels poll (pre-Nocturne). The audience for all bite-sized articles is beginner-to-intermediate players who are still familiarizing themselves with cards from all expansions, and the goal of the articles is to give an idea of how powerful these cards are and why.

If you would like to contribute to bite-sized articles, the best ways to do this are to either write an outline for an article, or to take an outline and turn it into a 300-word draft article. Of course, feedback on both outlines and draft articles is always welcome! You can find a lot of outlines here.