7/26/2011: Another update

Over the past couple of weeks there have been a few things that happened. The pleco I had just bought last time ended up dying, and so did the other German Blue Ram. Once the ram died, the tetras in the tank didn’t school any more, which drove me kind of crazy. I went to the fish store and got a couple of Bolivian Rams, which helped things out a lot.

I’m not sure of the sex of these two, I’m trying to figure that out, but they seem to be OK with each other so that’s really good enough for me. Odds are that there’s one male and one female, but until I have a better guess, the names will have to wait.

Other than that, not too much has been happening. I’m starting over the 20G planted tank, and it’s going through a fishless cycle at the moment. In a couple of weeks I’ll probably be ready to try shrimp once again…

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