6/9/2011: Failure in two tanks

Well I took a trip to the fish store with high hopes today, but it didn’t quite work out.

I got some ghost shrimp for the 20G tank as sort of a last-ditch effort to see if I could get any shrimp to survive at all in that tank. They didn’t last very long, and this means I’m officially out of ideas for what the problem could be. Today is the day I will give up on keeping shrimp in that tank. I do, however, have some plans for what I want to do to that tank. I want to get a school of rasboras, and maybe some snails (not the pest kind, but the good kind) or some “tank janitors” to go along with them. I don’t plan to wait on this for too long, so it would be reasonable to expect an update soon about this.

As for the 55G tank, shortly after my last post, the male ram died. It seems like the damage has been completed from the heater failure, so I’m starting to clean up after that. Today I got another male  German Blue Ram, since the female seems to be doing fine. Apparently he was not to her liking, because she quickly killed the new guy. I guess the good news is that she seems to be OK by herself, so I guess it will just stay that way. The future of this tank isn’t quite certain since I have to make up my mind on a few things, but I plan to re-stock this tank with some more tetras soon, and possibly something else.

I’m also thinking about changing  Patti’s (the female ram’s) name to something more vicious. I realized I “officially” named her, but it’s my fish tank and I make the rules 😛

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