6/4/2011: Disaster in the 55G tank

I’ll start off with the only good news: the two rams in the 55G tank have names. They are Doug and Patti, named after Doug Funnie and Patti Mayonnaise from the Doug cartoon. The female is larger than the male, so I can tell them apart when they’re together.

Now with the bad stuff. Yesterday I discovered a few things in the 55G tank that weren’t so good. First, I noticed several dead fish, then I noticed that the temperature was about 100 degrees, then I noticed that the heater had shattered and broke, probably from overheating. I am certainly not happy that my relatively new heater catastrophically failed and killed a bunch of my fish, so I spent some time yesterday cooling the tank back down to 80 degrees. I think the damage is over now; I lost 12 fish by my count, and both of the rams are OK. I’d guess that about half of the fish in that tank died because of this. I’m going to need to get some more.

Also, an update on the 20G tank; I’ve tried a few times to keep shrimp alive in that tank and have failed every time. I’ve been changing a few things each time to try and eliminate whatever is killing them with no luck yet. I have a couple of ideas that some people at the fish store suggested to me, so I’m going to try those and try using ghost shrimp instead of red cherry shrimp for this next try. If I still can’t get a colony going, it will be time to give up on the shrimp tank idea and I’ll probably put a school or rasboras in that tank or something. I really have no idea what the problem is here, especially considering that I’ve had shrimp in this tank before I moved and they did just fine. I’m getting frustrated with this, since I was really looking forward to having a shrimp tank.

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