6/25/2012: It’s been a while (pictures)

Hi. I have some updates 🙂

The LED lighting system on the 55G tank had gone into disrepair; the sunrise/sunset lights weren’t working anymore and one of the white LED strips was falling off, so I ordered new parts and fixed it over the weekend. I think they way I re-attached everything will make it less likely to break in the future.

In other news, the saltwater tank refugium is finally working right again. I’m not increasing nitrates anymore with just the fish that are left, which is an important thing for keeping a reef. I’ve ordered some more macroalgae to help out some more with this, and also some more test kits. Once that arrives, I’ll be able to get a good idea of what all of the important parameters are, and what I have left to do before I can get some corals. Hopefully it won’t be all that much. Also, I plan to get some more fish soon as well; I want a lawnmower blenny and a diamond watchmen goby for sure, and I’ll probably get some other fish as well!

I decided to take updated pictures of all of the named fish, and at least attempt to take pictures of the shrimp tank. I’m going to have to find a better solution for taking pictures of the shrimp, though, because I’m not happy with the quality. I’m also planning to change the descriptions on the Roll Call page so that they are updated. Here are the pictures:

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