4/11/2011: Update and lots of pictures!

Well the big day finally came, and I’ve got a ton of pictures. I’ll update by tank.

Quarantine Tank: Not there anymore! The two tangs were successfully moved to the big saltwater tank, so now I have this stand with no fish tank on it. What am I gonna do with that?

20G Planted “Shrimp” Tank: I think it’s OK to call this one: zero out of the 30+ shrimp I ordered were alive after being moved to my tank. I’ve started digging on a way to get some Red Cherry Shrimp locally, but there’s still a ways to go. The plants are doing great, though. There isn’t anything interesting in this tank right now, since it’s just plants, so no pictures.

55G Freshwater Tank: I’ve officially decided that I can’t keep an up-to-date accurate count of how many of each type of fish there are in this tank. I’ve seen a few that have died in the past week, which is to be expected, but there’s just no way to count them all. Torpedo is enjoying himself.

I have some pictures of this tank, I’ve gotten some decent quality sunrise and sunset pictures. Also, I realized that I don’t have very many pictures at all of the actual fish in the tank, so I have a couple of those too. I really like this tank, and I can’t wait to get the rams so we see more schooling behavior from the tetras.

First, a new full-tank shot (one I’m actually happy with):

A couple of sunset pictures:

A sunrise picture:

And some more pictures of the fish:

150G Saltwater Tank: It’s certainly been eventful in this tank. Saturday evening I added in the two new tangs; they were both really upset about the whole process until they made it into the tank. I’ve seen a lot of interesting behavior from everybody since the new additions were added.

Sarge actually seems unaffected, he’s still the largest fish in the tank, and since he’s very different from the new guys, there isn’t much aggression. He still swims around like he’s in charge, and anyone that would actually want to challenge him is afraid to because they’re so much smaller than him. I think more than anything he just likes having some new faces around.

Butch is really upset about the change. He’s been overly aggressive to just about everyone, and I can tell he’s raging out. He used to be boss over everyone except Sarge and Filet, and he clearly doesn’t like the idea of more fish being higher up than he is. Granted, he’s mostly harmless to the tangs, so eventually everyone will just get over it all.

It’s really interesting to watch the tangs interact, especially since they have three distinct and different personalities. The Powder Brown tang is smaller than the other two, who are roughly the same size. Filet is a little larger, but the Atlantic Blue is chunkier. Of course Filet has the home-field advantage, and nobody has really been able to touch him. This actually surprised me a little bit because I thought the Atlantic Blue would give him a run for his money — it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he did once he was more comfortable in the tank.

The Powder Brown tang looked like he thought he was going to be boss of everyone, but after the first night he had calmed down considerably. He also has a gash on one side of his body that looked like it came from another tang, so he must have been put in his place. I think he’s already accepted this and is starting to adjust very well to it. I really like what he’s adding to the tank, he looks awesome.

It’s a battle for dominance between the Atlantic Blue tang and Filet, and Filet is winning, but it’s not over yet. I originally had names planned out for the two new tangs, but I assumed the Atlantic Blue would end up being the dominant one, and the names reflected that. If Filet ends up being the boss, I’ll need to re-think the names. Names will be official once dominance has been established, which will be a couple of weeks at the most (or it could be tomorrow).

Something interesting about the Atlantic Blue tang’s color. When I got him from the fish store, he was yellow, but I think his color might have changed to blue for good. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if his “yellow phase” is over, and that he went through sort of a rite of passage during his quarantine.

I took some pictures of just the new tangs, and then I also took pictures when they were eating the algae. The Powder Brown tang actually hung back and let the other guys eat for a while before he went in for his turn, which is why I don’t think I got any pictures of all three tangs eating algae at the same time, but I did get some good pictures. Here they are:

I really like the middle-right picture, I think that’s one of my best shots. Also, you can really see in the pictures with Butch in them how dark he is — he only gets that dark when he’s REALLY mad.

That’s all for now, there will be more updates and pictures as more interesting things happen.

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