3/25/2011: Weekly? update

An update on a few things that have happened this week. I’ll start with saltwater.

Two weeks from today, the hyposalinity treatment will be finished for the two new tangs. Since they’ve been separated, both of them have vastly improved. I’m finally able to get both of them to eat every type of food I’m giving them, and they’re both starting to bulk up. The powder brown tang’s fins are getting better, now that he’s not getting beat up by the other guy all the time. They’re starting to warm up to me a little bit too, before they would both hide whenever I was anywhere in the room, they wouldn’t even eat until I had left the room. Now I think they understand the fact that I’m the one who feeds them and they don’t have to be scared of me. I’m hoping things get even better when they go into the main tank. Also, if I sneak up and poke my head in the room, I can see the Atlantic Blue Tang without his “I’m stressed” colors on, and it’s nice to see that yellow color. I just can’t nearly get close enough for a good picture yet.

In the main saltwater tank, there has been one issue. Ruckus has Pop-eye, where it looks like one of his eyes is popped out of its socket. It’s more of a symptom than a disease, really. I freaked out and then I did my research and asked around and it doesn’t look like there is any disease or infection or parasite in the tank. My best guess is that it was caused by trauma, since he’s acting normally (other than the fact that he can’t really see out of that eye, of course). The best thing to do is just to leave him in that tank and make sure it heals, so I’ve been keeping a close eye on that eye for a few days now and it seems OK. If it’s bad enough, Ruckus could possibly become permanently blind in that eye. In the worst case, it means he gets picked on more, but I don’t think it will be any major long-term issue.

Now for the new 55G tank. Earlier this week I got the first reading which indicates that the cycle is done. I started making plans to pick up fish this weekend, but I’m beginning to think I might wait a little longer just to make sure everything is cycled. Without getting too technical, I’ll just say that I want to be 100% certain that the bacteria colony that’s been growing can handle all of the fish I’m planning to put into the tank, and at the moment I’m only about 75% sure. In other news, I’m starting to come up with a more concrete stock list for the tank.

The two “showpiece” fish will probably be a pair of Electric Blue Rams, hopefully a male and a female. I’ll link to a picture of one of these guys, I think the one in the picture is a male. The female will probably not have as bright of a coloration, and I’ve also seen them have a deeper blue color.

Electric Blue Ram

I’m thinking for the tetras, I’ll probably go with two large schools of about 25 fish each. It’s still kind of up in the air, but I’m thinking at the moment of having one school of neon tetras, which will include a couple of different kinds of neons, since I already have blue neons and black neons in the freshwater tank. The other school might either have Ember tetras or Glowlight tetras. I’m hoping to have all of these guys in the tank before next weekend. At that point, there will of course be lots of pictures, and I plan on taking another video of the lighting system.

As for the freshwater tank, I’ve been looking into different kinds of shrimp to put in there. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have just one large colony of Red Cherry shrimp (RCS). This is an easy choice because those shrimp are a nice bright red, and they’re easy to take care of. I’ll link to a picture I took about a year ago of an RCS when I had them back then. Of course, they didn’t make it because fish are natural predators to shrimp, I don’t think we’ll have that problem this time.

Red Cherry Shrimp

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