2/17/2011: Some bad news

I came home from work and the Blonde Naso tang was dead. The only reason anybody can come up with was that it was related to the stress from moving to a different tank, since the fish didn’t show any signs of disease or weakness other than that he just stopped eating all of a sudden. If this was the case, nothing could be done about it, but it still really sucks.

The Atlantic Blue tang is doing just fine, he seemed distressed when the Naso died, because they were just starting to become friends, but at least he looks very healthy and is taking the treatment very well. I’m pretty sure he’ll make it.

Within the next week, I’m going to try to get another tang into this quarantine cycle. It might be interesting acclimating a new tang to the quarantine, since I would want the entire process to take two days at the very least. I have an idea of how I would do it, and I think it would be OK, but we’ll see how everything goes.

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