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Making Luck Minisode 53: Leprechaun

In this minisode, Adam and Jake discuss Leprechaun from the Nocturne expansion.

A lot to take in on this one:

  • Leprechaun is primarily a Gold gainer and it can be played just for that if you can live with the hexes
  • You can open with it and it gets you to Gold sooner than you normally could
  • Be happy to put one in a money deck and (especially) in a slog deck where $6 can be really hard to hit
  • Although it's an enabler for these decks it's not a reason to play such a deck if you wouldn't have done otherwise
  • Can also be used as a Gold gainer in a deck that aims to build more, but hexes are a big drawback and usually it's not worth it unless you have a shot at getting a Wish from it
  • When you do have Leprechaun in this kind of deck and you're deciding whether to play it knowing that you'll be hexed, you probably shouldn't if there's a chance it could totally wreck your turn
  • This is "pretty much the only" (copyright Adam Horton) or "definitely probably the most prominent" (copyright Screwyioux) situation where you might want to track the hex deck
  • The hexes most likely to do big damage in a deck that's aiming to draw and play more cards than a money deck are:
    • Poverty (discard down to 3), which can be a disaster if you've drawn a bunch of cards already
    • Delusion (you can't buy Action cards this turn), because these decks are getting payload from the Golds and usually need to focus buys on Actions for deck control
    • Envious (Silver and Gold make only $1 this turn), again because this deck probably has a bunch of Gold and is drawing lots of cards
  • Wishes are great, especially compared with getting hexed, and if you can build to get Wishes from Leprechaun then you probably should
  • Small decks make it more likely that you'll find your Leprechaun before it's too late and also benefit greatly from the Gold
  • Villages give you control over the order you play your cards and can also allow you to continue your turn after you've played the Leprechaun as card number seven
  • Draw is usually necessary to have a good chance of playing six cards and then having the Leprechaun in hand
  • Durations stay in play for two turns and help increase the number of cards you have in play, but don't overdo it or you risk not finding your Leprechaun until you've already got 7+ cards in play
  • Reserves that can be called when you need to get more cards in play are good enablers, especially Coin of the Realm as it's also a village
  • Minor synergy with Haven and other cards that can save Leprechaun for next turn when it's drawn too late
  • Throne Room and family (although not Royal Carriage) can gain multiple Wishes from the same Leprechaun in a single turn
  • Wish (and therefore Leprechaun) synergises with situational cards and boards where the deck control card you need at a specific moment varies (so Village / Smithy more than Lab)
  • Technical point with Duplicate: you can play Leprechaun as the 6th card and then call Duplicate (on the gained Gold) to put it in play before counting the cards so that you can get a Wish