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Making Luck Episode 51: Market Square

In this episode, Adam and Jake discuss Market Square from the Dark Ages expansion.

Kingdom at the end: Monastery, Market Square, Trade Route, Hideout, Sacrifice, Courtier, Merchant Guild, Mystic, Pooka, Raider, Tomb, Canal

Hideout / Pooka increases your hand size by 1, does it not?

yeah but counting is hard!

Here are the notes I wrote for myself after listening to the Market Square episode, in case they're useful to anyone else:

  • Non-terminal +Buy isn’t all that common, and the fact that it’s a cantrip means it’s a very efficient way to add +Buy to your deck with no downside except the opportunity cost
  • If you use Market Square purely as a Gold gainer then it’s somewhat like Tunnel without the 2VP, which is pretty lousy
  • For that reason, you have Adam’s permission to play the Market Square for the card and the buy sometimes rather than discarding it, even if (as is usually the case) your deck would be improved by another Gold
  • If there’s any deck thinning then Market Square is usually better than Silver, so you’ll often open Market Square along with the thinner (if the thinner costs $5 then you may need a single Silver first)
  • It’s a good card and you’ll want at least one on most boards where it appears
  • Combos:
    • Peddler (not exactly a combo but a synergy that can take you by surprise when your opponent springs it on you)
    • Highway (using Market Square purely for the cantrip +Buy)
    • Hermit (see Episode 2.5 and Adam’s article on the subject)
    • Apprentice (draw your deck, play Apprentice trashing Gold and discarding 3 Market Squares that you draw straight back along with the Golds, repeat until you have run out of Apprentices to play)
    • Donate (get 3-4 Market Squares and Donate repeatedly to get a ton of Golds; see RTT’s Dominion Homework: Episode 2)