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Making Luck Episode 50: Encampment/Plunder

In this episode, Adam and Jake discuss Encampment and Plunder from the Empires expansion.

Kingdom at the end: Royal Blacksmith, Poor House, Duchess, Encampment, Doctor, Fortune Teller, Gladiator, Scheme, Haggler, Expand, Plan, Fleet

Thought I made this topic, but looks like I didn't. Check me out.

I think if Plunder were a kingdom card in its own right, with a pile of ten and no such thing as Encampment, it would be super-strong on most boards. There are obviously exceptions but the VP chip is better than an extra $1 in most cases (would you rather have 8 VP chips or $8 to buy a Province?), so this card is usually significantly better than Gold as well as being cheaper.

You did admit that the argument about whether keeping Encampments in the deck was the "main" purpose of Plunder was a bit academic, but given you'd probably buy it most of the time even if it didn't do that, I'm coming down on the side of it not being the main purpose.