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Making Luck Episode 42: Margrave and Tragic Hero

In this episode, Adam and Jake discuss Margrave from Hinterlands and Tragic Hero from Nocturne.

Kingdom at the end: City Quarter, Encampment/Plunder, Catapult/Rocks, Hermit, Conspirator, Crown, Margrave, Tragic Hero, Witch, Grand Market, Travelling Fair; with Platinum/Colony

I think Encampment is pretty strong in this kingdom.  Witch is terminal, the trashers are terminal, I think you'll be short on terminal space in the early game, and Encampment is a lot easier to get than either Crown or City Quarter.  Encampment also defends against discard attacks.  And between Hermit and all the +buy, Encampments are real easy to pick up.  If the players split encampments, then having 2-3 encampments won't seem particularly strong, but you still work to keep them because it's way better than letting your opponent have them all.

I'd open Hermit/Silver, and then my priorities are Witch, Gold/Plunder, Margrave.  I can see pretty much every card in the kingdom getting play.

Oh, I forgot to say something about Adam's upcoming baby.  Maybe by the time you see this the baby will have been born already, in which case, congratulations!