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Making Luck Episode 40: Goons

In this episode, Adam and Jake discuss Goons from the Prosperity expansion.

Kingdom at the end: Crossroads, Pawn, Night Watchman, Marauder, Rats, Sacrifice, Horn of Plenty, Vault, Altar, Goons; with Shelters

I'm not sure the Sacrifice / Rats thing is good.  It doesn't net you cards, it just moves cards from one turn to another.  When you gain a Rats (other than by buying it) you decrease your handsize by 1, and when you sacrifice a Rats, you increase your handsize by 1.  So, I think this is about as good as Native Village for draw, probably even worse.  Maybe it needs some Vaults to make it work.  Or maybe it gives you one or two turns where you play 3 goons, and that's good enough to win.

I consider Sacrifice to be a hard counter against the Marauder attack.  Handing out ruins is like handing out one-shot villages, what kind of attack is that?  You could argue that each ruin trash could have been a copper trash, but the one-shot villages also give more terminal space to just fit in more sacrifices.  The only reason I'd ever get Marauder here is for the spoils to buy Goons.  After that, it's Sacrifice food.

You could be very right, but Sacrifice/Rats could also be amazing! 😛

...I mean, yeah it pushes draw from one hand to another but that might be good enough with Goons?

We won't know for sure until we play it out!

(I'm probably wrong about this aren't I?)

I'm a terrible player compared with you guys, but my hunch is to agree with trivialknot that Marauder is weak on this board. Draw is really difficult and you're going to be starting your late-game turns with three-card hands, so if you're aiming to play multiple Goons per turn you're going to need to Sacrifice a lot of action cards to get the actions you need to play Vault and then Goons. I'm not sure whether it's even feasible to aim for repeatedly having turns playing several Goons, but being handed a lot of free Sacrifice food by your opponent seems unlikely to hinder it. I'm not sure about the Rats (I lean towards thinking it's right) but I'm definitely stockpiling Sacrifice and even think the split may be important. I'll get Vault on my first 5 and use that as the means of getting my first Goons so no need for Spoils.

I'll look forward to hearing how wrong I was.

As you'll hear in the next episode, you weren't really wrong 😛

...Vault wasn't ever seriously considered as a source of draw. I suppose I could see it coming up after the Rats are gone in certain mirrors, but the Goons attack really hurts your ability to hit $6 with Vault, so you're really hoping to get there first if that's your plan, and perhaps it's not a bad card for the deck afterwards...