The Roll Call is a quick way to see all of the livestock that is currently in each of my tanks. I will do my best to keep this up to date, which means whenever I post about acquiring a new fish or plant, or the death of a fish or plant, I’ll update this page also. It would be nice if I could also keep the pictures here updated, but I don’t know how well that will work out. I’ll do my best to keep the most recent and/or highest quality pictures here, along with “baby pictures” where they’re available. I’ll also put a brief description of the fish and their personality if applicable, and I’ll do my best to put an approximate date of acquisition as well.

A note about “baby pictures”: If I’ve had a fish long enough to see noticeable growth or change in appearance, I may post a “baby picture” of the fish along with a recent picture. I realize that all of the fish may not be young when I get them, but I want to use this as a way to track the growth and changes of each of the fish while they’re in my tanks.

150G Saltwater Tank:

Sergeant Major Damsel: Sarge
Acquired: July 2009

Sarge is the largest of the saltwater fish, in the sense that he’s the fattest. He’s very active and loves to swim around and in currents, and he’s never shy about chasing other fish around and letting them know that he thinks he’s boss, even though he really isn’t; the real bosses don’t mind letting him think that, though. He also loves having the attention of people who walk by the tank, and he’s the only one in the tank that’s personable like this. He loves being fed, and he eats about as much as the rest of the fish in the tank put together.

Yellow Damsel: Butch
Acquired: July 2009

Butch is the fourth largest fish in the tank, and usually isn’t messed with by the other fish, but deep down inside, Butch is a big wuss. If he could have it his way, he would hide in a hole all day, never come out, and chase away anyone that dares come near him. His body is usually white but near feeding time, he’ll get really “angry” and his body will turn black; this is unique because it’s a clear difference from when he’s just stressed and when he’s actually angry, and we don’t see that from anyone else in the tank. For several months, he has been “angry” all of the time. One might think that this is because he has just changed color as he matures, but I think he has anger issues.

Blue Streak Damsel: Magnum
Acquired: July 2009

Magnum got his name from his affinity for the magnetic glass cleaners we use in the tank. He feels much more secure when there is one in the tank, he tends to hang out nearby. Sometimes he will repeatedly swim in circles around the magnet — I actually have a video of it here: Magnum has sort of an eccentric personality and doesn’t really chase other fish around or get chased much.

Lemon Damsel: Lemmy
Acquired: August 2009

I was saving the name “Lemmy” for a yellow fish, of course, but the name actually comes from one of the bad guys in “Super Mario World.” Ironically, Lemmy has sort of developed the carefree, eccentric personality of the video game character. He’s usually the one to befriend the smaller fish that get picked on by everybody else. Though he has grown a lot and isn’t the smallest fish in the tank, he has become reserved recently and hides a lot.

2 Bangai Cardinals: Bill and Hillary
Acquired: December 2009

These fish were originally named for the ghosts in Pac-Man (I believe Ms. Pac Man, specifically). Since I couldn’t tell them apart, they get a group name. They usually hang out on one side of the tank out in the open. This is probably because they don’t have to deal with the other, more active fish if they stay there. On the other hand, even though they are docile most of the time, they’re developed their own social hierarchy among themselves. They have started to show mating behavior: over time they changed their pairs, but they eventually got down to just one mated pair, meaning that I have a male and a female. Since there were only two cardinals left, the female will defend the male more consistently when he is holding eggs, so after all these years they finally have a healthy relationship! I still haven’t seen any successful offspring, but there’s always hope, I guess…

Atlantic Blue Tang: Buzz
Acquired: February 2011

Buzz is a very personable fish once he opens up, but he also has a similar personality to Butch, in that he will bottle up his frustrations and become reclusive for a while if he gets upset. When he was in the quarantine with Fido, he was very dominant, and now as the only remaining tang in the tank, he is “in charge,” though passively. Atlantic Blue tangs will turn from yellow to blue as they age; and Buzz is now blue all of the time.

Red-Spot Goby: Milhouse
Acquired: 2012

No pictures available yet.

15-20 Nassarius Snails:
Acquired: November-December 2011

55G Freshwater Tank:

2 Bolivian Rams: Doug and Patti
Acquired: July, 2011

These two rams don’t come out much — even though I’ve had them for several months, they hide quickly when I approach the tank, even if I have food. They are still fulfilling their purpose, though, which is to make sure the smaller fish in the tank stay in their school.

In this tank, but without names:
1 Harlequin Rasbora
about 4 GloFish (Zebra Danios)
about 5 Neon Blue Tetras
about 5 Priscilla Tetras
about 10 “Popcorn” Tetras
about 10 “Candy Cane” Tetras

20G Planted Shrimp Tank:

There is a colony of Red Cherry Shrimp in this tank. Current population is roughly 100-200.

Plants: Anubias, Java Fern