Monthly Archives: May 2011

5/20/2011: New group in the 55G tank

A couple of weeks, and a couple of things have happened in the 55-gallon tank. It started with Torpedo acting kind of funny, and I eventually came to the conclusion that was he was going blind. He’s an old fish and he was still finding a way to feed himself, so it wasn’t a huge deal.

Then, I was looking at a new fish store in the are  and they had rams! Finally, the showpiece fish I’ve been wanting for that tank, and what will keep the tetras in their schools. Not only did they have rams, but they had different choices! I did a little homework and I went with a mated pair of German Blue Rams, mostly because they had bred before so I knew they wouldn’t kill each other. The moment I put them in the tank, the tetras instantly got in their schools, which was funny. I have pictures, and I’ll put them at the end of this post.

As far as I can tell, the larger one is the female, and it’s still difficult for me to tell them apart if they’re not right next to each other. Both of them are adjusting very well to the new tank, not like I thought they would have any trouble with it in the first place.

Unfortunately, I think one of their first orders of business was to find a certain blind, weak fish (Torpedo) and harass him to death. It was sad, but Torpedo had lived a full life and his golden years just came to the end.

Names for the new fish are still under construction. I have a few ideas and we’ll see what ends up fitting. Now, for pictures!

5/3/2011: New video

Saltwater Tank: It’s nothing but good news here. I was worried for a while because one of the male Bangai Cardinals was hiding for a really long time with eggs in his mouth. I hadn’t seen him in about 3 weeks, and the other three cardinals were starting to act a little more aggressively toward each other. I was convinced that I had lost the male and the two other females were fighting over the last male, but a couple nights ago I finally saw all four of them, and imagine this: one of them was really hungry. Behavior is back to normal now, so I’m happy. I also took an updated video of this tank like I said I wanted to earlier.

“Shrimp Tank”: It’s back in quotation marks again because the last batch of shrimp didn’t last very long. I’m in the process of trying to figure out why they aren’t lasting in this tank like they were before, and trying to fix those things before I get the next batch. There will be updates, since I don’t want to leave this tank empty for long. Hopefully it works out the next time.