Monthly Archives: February 2011

2/25/2011: Powder Brown Tang!

Since the Blonde Naso Tang died, I’ve been trying to get another tang to go through the hyposalinity treatment this run-through. There are plenty of reasons why this is a good idea; I only have to do the treatment once, it will be less stressful on the two of them when they eventually go into the display tank because they will have already sorted out their aggression. I was hoping to find a healthy tang that was about the right size, and something that wasn’t yellow (since Filet is completely yellow, and the Atlantic Blue may end up being yellow for a while).

This week, I found a Powder Brown Tang. He’s a little small but he’s got some spunk to him. I’ve been acclimating him down to the quarantine tank’s salinity level and yesterday I put him in the main quarantine tank and last night I removed the barrier between them so they could finally meet each other. I also managed to get a few pictures of the powder brown tang.

It was interesting to watch the two of them together. The Atlantic Blue is considerably bigger, but the Powder Brown hasn’t shown any signs of giving up yet. He really wants to be the dominant tang, so it will be interesting to see who ends up being the boss. Also, the Powder Brown hadn’t yet figured out that the algae clip was actually holding the algae; I had to shake it off the clip and he would eat it as it floated around. Once the Atlantic Blue immediately went for the algae clip, it was funny to see the Powder Brown figure out that he was going to be getting his food that way from now on.

So the bad news is that this restarts the six-week timer for their treatment: it will be six weeks minimum before they can go in the display tank. The good news is that I have a pretty new fish and hopefully he’ll make it past the stress of moving to the quarantine tank. He seems to be doing pretty well so far…

2/17/2011: Some bad news

I came home from work and the Blonde Naso tang was dead. The only reason anybody can come up with was that it was related to the stress from moving to a different tank, since the fish didn’t show any signs of disease or weakness other than that he just stopped eating all of a sudden. If this was the case, nothing could be done about it, but it still really sucks.

The Atlantic Blue tang is doing just fine, he seemed distressed when the Naso died, because they were just starting to become friends, but at least he looks very healthy and is taking the treatment very well. I’m pretty sure he’ll make it.

Within the next week, I’m going to try to get another tang into this quarantine cycle. It might be interesting acclimating a new tang to the quarantine, since I would want the entire process to take two days at the very least. I have an idea of how I would do it, and I think it would be OK, but we’ll see how everything goes.

2/12/2011: Two new tangs!

Well it’s been a long time planning it, but today was a big day! I’ve been doing a fishless cycle on a quarantine tank so that I could get two new tangs for the saltwater tank, and it was finally ready this weekend. I have two new tangs! They will be in the quarantine tank for about 6 weeks (at least) before they go into the main tank. Hopefully they will be fully recovered from any parasites they might have right now, and we’ll see who emerges as the dominant tank between these two and Filet. Here are some pictures:

In the picture of both of them, the one on the left is a Blonde Naso tang. He’s clearly the boss of the two of them in the quarantine tank. The other one is an Atlantic Blue Tang. The young ones are more yellow and as they mature, they turn blue. This one is very stressed out, and he might stay that way for a while. If it gets too rough in there, I might have to put a barrier in between the two. I’ll try and update as things to along with more pictures too.