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Update 9/9/2010

Well I have a small update today, and a couple of videos.

I’ll start with the freshwater tank — I’ve been having some problems with the invertibrates in the tank. The two ghost shrimp died and a lot of the snails have been hanging out near the top of the water, which means they don’t like it in there. I did some asking around and I think I’ve isolated the problem to one of the fertilizers I’m using for the plants. I’ve been without it for a week or so now and the snails seem to be doing better. The plants are still growing just fine, but from what I hear it may be more difficult to keep algae low long-term, so I’ll have to keep a close eye on it and try to adjust the other fertilizers I use to keep the algae down. Other than that, the tank looks pretty good. I got a neat video of a ghost shrimp before all of this happened, so here that is:

Next, the saltwater tank. Really nothing has happened here that’s terribly interesting. I was finally able to put an end to all of the pump problems I’ve been having, and I have the main pump back in and working. I have some plans to re-work the plumbing to include both the main pump and the backup pump at the same time, but that is in the future quite a bit. It turns out that the safety switch I put in to protect the pump from running dry was actually doing more harm than good, so I took that out. Also, the battery backup I’ve been using doesn’t really work at all.

I have an unrelated video, which is just a video of feeding time one night. I put in some shots of Sarge after almost all of the food has been eaten to show what he does. He remains in this “hyper mode” for 5-10 minutes after everyone else has calmed down because he’s still looking for food that everybody else missed. I think it’s funny.

I have one picture, but it’s not much to post by itself, so it will wait until I have more pictures.

Finally, the most important part of this update: the Royal Gramma officially has a name: Myrna!