Monthly Archives: March 2010

Some good updates

I’ve spent many hours between yesterday and today working with the fish tanks, and there’s quite a bit to show for it. First, the saltwater tanks:

The yellow tang is finally in the display tank! It’s been seven weeks in quarantine getting over the ich, but he’s finally in there, and after almost a day, he’s finally relaxed a bit. It won’t be long before the tank is completely stocked! Sarge and Butch are rooming together in the 20G quarantine, which was completely cleaned. Both of them are happy with the extra space, especially Sarge. Here are some pictures:

They all have names, and the names will be revealed when the tank is fully stocked. If everything goes well, that will be next weekend.

Now for an update on the freshwater tank. I’ve had to do a lot of adjusting with quite a few of the plants, but I think it’s finally going to settle down now, and it looks good enough that I’m not embarrassed to take pictures of it. Here are a few:

The plants are as follows:

Back left and front right – Dwarf Onion
Back right and front left – Anubias Barteri
Attached to the driftwood – Java Fern (this one is the only one that isn’t new)

Middle, on the right (with the red leaves) – Ludwigia peruensis
Middle, on the left – Tall Sags
Front, growing like grass – Micro Swords

I also got nine Red Cherry Shrimp, but those guys are really tiny and they like to hide a lot. I haven’t gotten a good picture of one and I don’t know if I ever will. Hopefully the plants will do well wince I have good lighting and I’m dosing the tank with fertilizers.

One more thing, I’m starting to reduce the size of a lot of the pictures I post by cropping them, which means that except for full-tank shots and stuff like that, my pictures won’t take so long to load. That’s all I got now, next update will be next weekend at the latest.

New plants!

First, I have several more pictures of the saltwater tank, just because.

Next, I got a shipment of a whole bunch of plants and some Red Cherry Shrimp. There were 9 shrimp in total, and I haven’t gotten a decent picture of one yet. The tank is still kind of cloudy from planting everything and I don’t have everything identified yet, but here’s a full tank shot, and by this weekend I should have more pictures of everything.

Almost there!

Last weekend marked the end of the yellow tang’s hyposalinity treatment. I’ll keep him in the quarantine at least until this weekend to make sure he is doing OK, but everything is set up at the moment so that all that’s left is to acclimate him to the display tank and put him in. We’ll see how well he adjusts there and once he’s comfortable there, Butch and Sarge will join him. There will have to be a little break but after a couple of weeks I’ll start looking into other tangs.

Yesterday I turned on the lights for the first time in a really long time to get some hair algae growing. I’m not so worried about an infestation this time because all of the hermit crabs and the tang will graze on it. What it does mean, though, is that I’m able to get better pictures of the display tank fish, so enjoy a few pictures of Magnum and the cardinals.

In other news, either today or tomorrow the freshwater plants I ordered should finally be getting here, so later this week, or this weekend at the very latest, there will be another update with lots more pictures.

I can’t think of a good subject for this post

It’s been a while since I’ve updated, so here’s what’s happened since then.

The yellow tang has been doing very well. I learned that if I feed him less brine shrimp, that he will eat his vegetables. He’s halfway through the hyposalinity treatment, so in two weeks I’ll bring the salinity back up to normal, then after that it will be a couple of weeks before he goes in the main tank.

Butch was getting a little mean in his quarantine tank, and the other guys (Lemmy, Magnum, and Ruckus) are a lot smaller than the tang, so it made sense to add those guys to the display tank. They are very happy in there, and Ruckus has even started to turn purple instead of his usual black color. We used to think he got that way when he was stressed, but he’s clearly not stressed. Here’s a picture:

Dusty got really agitated, and he sort of buried the hole where Flash liked to hang out. I saw him once after that but I haven’t seen him in a couple of days, so I hope he’s OK.

I got a new light for the freshwater tank. It will hopefully allow me to keep some more plants and will help with the java fern that’s still in there. I’m going to order some more plants this weekend, and hopefully the combination of more plants to compete with the algae and actually getting the right nutrients in there for the plants will make for less algae, and that tank should end up being really awesome. I also managed to get a couple of pictures of the freshwater guys while experimenting with the new camera.

So, there should be another update soon about the plants in the freshwater tank. That update will probably be next weekend at the latest.