Monthly Archives: January 2010

Tang update

It’s been a little over a week and the tangs are doing very well. Here are some more pictures:

They’re both eating very well, and there hasn’t been too much aggression, but it is there. We haven’t seen one of them emerge as the dominant one, though my guess on the situation is that the powder blue tang is in charge and that the yellow doesn’t like it. We have names for them, but they depend on which one ends up being boss. Once that happens, I’ll reveal the names of all of the fish.

An update…

First, the freshwater tank: things aren’t going so well here. The fish are OK but the plants aren’t doing so hot and algae is starting to take over. I’ve started dosing the tank with some extra nutrients, seeing as how the nitrate level was at zero, which is bad for plants. I’ll update on how that’s going as things happen, hopefully it won’t get any worse.

The puffer we got last week didn’t last too long. He never looked all that great and I wasn’t surprised about it. Maybe some day we’ll keep a puffer alive for a while, but it’s kind of difficult to find good ones.

Now for the good stuff: last night we got two tangs. They need to be quarantined before they go into the main tank, so they’re occupying the 20G quarantine that the damsels had and the damsels got split up into two 10G tanks. Sarge has his own tank and everybody else is in the tank that had the puffer in it, I just switched out the filter and the water. I have pictures of them in their new setups: Sarge looks thrilled.

Now for the new guys: we ended up with a yellow tang and a powder blue tang. Both looked really good and have been doing very well so far. They’re both eating and they seem to be getting along. Here are some pictures:

Once they’ve made friends and are completely healthy, they’ll go into the display tank, and around that time, the damsels will go in as well. That should happen in roughly 3 weeks if everything goes OK.

Update and a couple more pictures

First, an update on the saltwater tank: the hermit crabs have successfully killed pretty much all of the snails, which is wonderful. All of the fish are doing very well, though. Dusty is sort of aggressive, so I can’t wait until he meets Sarge. The firefish goby has a name: Flash. Next weekend, I plan to get a couple of tangs to add to the tank, which will be really exciting. I know I want a yellow tang, and from looking around, I think I’m between a powder blue tang and a really nice looking powder brown tang I saw today at the fish store. Unless something else comes along, it will probably be the yellow and one of the powders.

Next, we’re trying to branch out with the veggies we give Herbert. Here’s a picture of him with some lettuce, and we’ll see how much he goes for the cauliflower leaves I just put in there.

Finally, after several months of searching, we managed to find a Figure-8 Puffer. It was at a place that wasn’t so good, but that’s the only place we could find it. Hopefully he pulls through, but he was eating there before we got him, so things are looking OK.